When the Apple Company presented the iPhone more than five-years ago, the product was clearly hungry; it ate amazingly all of its opponents for lunchtime. The then-kingpins of the world of smart phone never realized what hit them. HP purchased ‘Palm’ and murdered it; RIM is on the rules, and obligatory champ Nokia is now OS-beholden to MS rather than planning its own course.

Nokia had minimal success with its first run of Lumia Windows 8 Mobile phones, especially once it was exposed that it could not enhance to Windows 8. So in many ways the Lumia 920 is the Nokia Corporation’s first smart phone that is truly able of compete with iPhone. And an opponent it is; the Nokia Lumia 920 features a function set that is simply intended to pick up attention. It is a utility vehicle and it is operated by the product new Windows Phone 8. And right here it squares-off with the latest from Cupertino: the slim, highly effective and oh-so popular iPhone 5.


The Lumia 920’s exclusive features begin with the LCD. Its 4.5 inch IPS LCD board is hyper sensitive to the contact, replying not only to fingers but also to gloved-hands and finger nails. And the 920 is no slump over resolution wise either, clocking in at 1,280×768 for a pixel solidity of 332ppi. This supports against the iPhone 5’s 4 inch LCD rather well. The iPhone 5 has a little bit reduced (but still remarkable) quality of 1,136×640. That pattern carries on with regards to pixel solidity, in which the iPhone 5 blows out 326ppi. While the advantage goes to the Nokia Lumia, both of these gadgets have outstanding displays.


There is merely absolutely no way around it; the Nokia Lumia 920 is beefy. Its dimensions of 5.1×2.8×0.4 inches wide make the iPhone 5 appear relatively Lilliputian at 4.9×2.3×0.3 inches wide. And the iPhone benefits results in bodyweight as well. The Cupertino killer tip the range at 3.95oz., while the Nokia Lumia 920 smashes the range at 6.53oz.

Both mobile phones are extremely eye-catching. The Nokia Lumia 920 has a shapely thermoplastic unibody that’s extremely eye-catching to the eye. Nokia also has taken to delivery its Windows Cellphone in a wide range of shades and colors. There is a lacquered cherry red that remembers a 50’s Rolls Royce, the cyan version that made popular the Lumia 900, the shine yellowish looks a bit like an 80s era Lamborghini Countach and there are more staid gray scale as well. The iPhone 5’s two tone techniques that wax between dark and mild versions are just as elegant as the Lumia’s colors are attractive.


Both the mobiles are extremely eye-catching and attractive with the amazing features. If you are looking to buy any one of these two, it is one of the hardest decisions to choose from.