Durable truck is the most highly effective ‘weapon’ of any truck producer and they are usually prepared with highly effective engine and a super proof shape which works as an efficient base for the difficult tasks of the vehicle. In Hyundai’s collection, the HD Heavy Duty Mixer Truck is showed by the HD variety of trucks which are available with a variety of engines, revocation and wheelbase measures. All models share the same external design and the same decorations. As a result of its versatile personality, Hyundai Mixer Truck can take many types and can be used as a dump, tractor, Freight or tangible mixing machine. The Cars HD variety is offered with a choice of 4 by 2, 6 by 2 or 8 by 4 axle options.



The interior of Hyundai’s Heavy Duty Mixer Truck is an ideal piece for the effective external style. There is plenty of space inside and experts also like the wrap-around style of the dash which provides quick access to the numerous manages installed on the center system. The dash is not invasive and experts also like the overall construction which is at par with competitors. The components are of course part of the hard category, but they seem resilient and simple to clean. Apart from its excellent ergonomic, experts look for the internal planning a bit old for the present specifications and especially the two talked leader should need a fast update as is among the more intense models you will discover in this category. Fortunately it seamless comfort to hold and also comes with point improvements which win it some points in the comfort and ergonomic divisions.


The air revoked operator chair is also pretty relaxed and provides an excellent driving position such as air driven back support and part shape modification. Normally you will not grumble about the directly street exposure either, as the huge windows provides a fantastic view of the street forward. Experts also like the part exposure which is improved by the big warmed decorative mirrors and the nice door windows.

Engine & Transmission

The Hyundai Mixer Truck is offered with a choice of Euro-1, Euro-2, Euro-3 and Europ-4 diesel fuel engines which develop between 220 horse power and 410 horse power. The engine motors are not the most highly effective models in the section and the smaller one could even feel a little bit underpowered when working with extreme hills. The good part is that they are pretty efficient and despite their gradual speeding they are able to get the job done. Fortunately, you will not grumble about the more highly effective engines as they have enough impact to keep you pleased even when working with massive payloads.



The Hyundai Mixer Truck a cab over motor settings and has a strong style which is an ideal platform for its effective personality. Whether you are working with city transportation & submission, long-distance haulage, development or providing areas you can be sure that the challenging designs of the Hyundai Mixer Truck will combine fairly well in the ‘landscape’.