Hyundai Motors is enjoying a global reputation as a high class producers and manufacturer of efficient manufacturing technology with strong design to cost philosophy.  Hyundai Cargo Truck is built to run economically and efficiently, working around the clock to carry maximum payloads under the extreme road and weather conditions.



The revolutionary headlamps on the Hyundai Cargo Truck provide outstanding exposure. The new and efficient clear glass headlamps containing complicated surface reflectors which further stretch the array of the street lighting allow the mild to be produced to the best possible impact. Cab and the technique of aerodynamics are innovated by the inclusion of corner vanes which support decreasing breeze disturbance within the cabin.  Front controllers and grab handles offer a secure grasp for maintenance and cleaning functions. Window washer misting nozzles deliver all round exposure in any climatic conditions.

Large wrap-around fender provides two-stage security for excellent safety. Built-in feet actions clear angulated front fog lights further improve exposure.  Hyundai Cargo Truck’s comfort and ease designed access has all the necessary precautionary features such as anti-slip feet step and 90 level opening up entrance doors. The roof spoiler enhances cab aerodynamics for better gas mileage at high-speed cruising. Each the high installed and low installed air consumption tubes on the cab had been developed enhance the consumption performance with huge potential, while the streamlined design. Radial auto tires offer longer assistance lifetime, lower moving level of resistance for better gas mileage, calmer performance and greater safety. What exactly are more the metal tires are more efficient for long range visits as they increase the chilling capacity of tires and stopping mechanism parts for improved stopping electricity.


The comfort and ease designed driving space on the Hyundai Cargo Truck harmoniously brings together performance with efficiency. The leader with slanting function, well positioned cost system and heating and cooling changes are provided for easy to drive. From the wrap around device board and power windows to the main door locking mechanism and numerous storage containers, every feature in the cabin works to reduce the stress and pressure of daily driving. The nicely scaled bed, clearly divided from driving space, offers comfortable pleasure to the weary operator. A warming pad is offered for the driving convenience.


The device group in the Hyundai Cargo Truck stands apart with its clear structure and high legibility thanks to L.E.D lighting. The air revocation chair offers an ideal generating position from air-driven back support and side shape modification for exhaustion free generating. With a variety of section in the Hyundai Cargo Truck’s cab, startup stowage area is situated in center system for various little products which are needed for your business.


Shock Absorber technology is based on new gas dampers enhance guiding and managing features for a more accurate and relaxed driving. Front stabilizer bar improves architectural hardness to more effectively process vibrations and road excitement. To achieve the highest possible rigidity and strength of frame for distributing payload,  cross members are added using all bolted construction technique.