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Nokia formally made a resilience evaluation between their Lumia 920 smartphones to the new Samsung galaxy s3 in a remarkable competition. The video recording created reveals which smartphone can withstand a fastball from a Pitching-Machine in a bid to entice and persuade customers that the Nokia Lumia 920 has the real advantage. Nokia Lumia 920 comes with a 4.5 inches LCD screen size with 1280 x 768 pixel quality. The features and requirements include 32 GB of inner storage space potential, 1 GB of RAM, 8 MP back camera with 3264 x 2448 p with L.E.D display and a 2000 mAh battery.


Advanced Samsung galaxy s3 has been triumphantly in contrast to the Apple Company iPhone 5 but the platforms have converted as Nokia took the matter on their own hands. On the “Nokia Lumia Pitching-Machine Challenge” movie, the Samsung galaxy s3 back cover dropped off and the display was damaged after the fastball hit the product. However, the Nokia Lumia 920 with the Windows Phone 8 OS live through the strength test. The Nokia Lumia 920 was still recording the videos without any break on the display after the fastball effect.

The Nokia Lumia 920 is fairly heavy and large, and not only in evaluation with the thin Samsung galaxy s3, yet is amazingly ergonomic office to deal with, as a result of its pointed unibody design, and seems strong, with even bodyweight circulation. You get used to the Lumia 920 width and bodyweight; however it is by no means enjoyable this anorexic smart phone day and age, especially when managed with one side. Both mobile phones are made of deep-colored thermoplastic, and the Samsung galaxy s3has the benefits of a detachable back cover that allows you add more storage or exchange battery.


The thin Samsung galaxy s3 with a big 4.8-inch LCD seems way more stylish but more delicate in the side than Nokia Lumia 920’s puffy tank-like body, which is also confirmed by a lot of fall assessments, where the unhealthy runaway unaffected unless you hurl it into a tangible walls, whereas a Samsung galaxy s3 fall at neck size often breaks the display. Case or warning is hence suggested with Samsung’s phone, while the Nokia Lumia 920 would improve with sloppier entrepreneurs.

Regardless of the heavy-armor weight of Nokia’s framework, the resilient zirconium secure, volume and photographic camera important factors on the right side somewhat give rise to a more top-quality exterior, which is improved by the same photographic camera dish material on the backside, whereas the Samsung galaxy s3 imitation chromed photographic camera area and paper-thin returning cover look less innovative in comparison.


If you are looking for an excellent Android operating system, you can look at the Samsung galaxy s3, but if you are looking for anything else other than that, look no further, Nokia Lumia 920 can fulfill your needs.


When the Apple Company presented the iPhone more than five-years ago, the product was clearly hungry; it ate amazingly all of its opponents for lunchtime. The then-kingpins of the world of smart phone never realized what hit them. HP purchased ‘Palm’ and murdered it; RIM is on the rules, and obligatory champ Nokia is now OS-beholden to MS rather than planning its own course.

Nokia had minimal success with its first run of Lumia Windows 8 Mobile phones, especially once it was exposed that it could not enhance to Windows 8. So in many ways the Lumia 920 is the Nokia Corporation’s first smart phone that is truly able of compete with iPhone. And an opponent it is; the Nokia Lumia 920 features a function set that is simply intended to pick up attention. It is a utility vehicle and it is operated by the product new Windows Phone 8. And right here it squares-off with the latest from Cupertino: the slim, highly effective and oh-so popular iPhone 5.


The Lumia 920’s exclusive features begin with the LCD. Its 4.5 inch IPS LCD board is hyper sensitive to the contact, replying not only to fingers but also to gloved-hands and finger nails. And the 920 is no slump over resolution wise either, clocking in at 1,280×768 for a pixel solidity of 332ppi. This supports against the iPhone 5’s 4 inch LCD rather well. The iPhone 5 has a little bit reduced (but still remarkable) quality of 1,136×640. That pattern carries on with regards to pixel solidity, in which the iPhone 5 blows out 326ppi. While the advantage goes to the Nokia Lumia, both of these gadgets have outstanding displays.


There is merely absolutely no way around it; the Nokia Lumia 920 is beefy. Its dimensions of 5.1×2.8×0.4 inches wide make the iPhone 5 appear relatively Lilliputian at 4.9×2.3×0.3 inches wide. And the iPhone benefits results in bodyweight as well. The Cupertino killer tip the range at 3.95oz., while the Nokia Lumia 920 smashes the range at 6.53oz.

Both mobile phones are extremely eye-catching. The Nokia Lumia 920 has a shapely thermoplastic unibody that’s extremely eye-catching to the eye. Nokia also has taken to delivery its Windows Cellphone in a wide range of shades and colors. There is a lacquered cherry red that remembers a 50’s Rolls Royce, the cyan version that made popular the Lumia 900, the shine yellowish looks a bit like an 80s era Lamborghini Countach and there are more staid gray scale as well. The iPhone 5’s two tone techniques that wax between dark and mild versions are just as elegant as the Lumia’s colors are attractive.


Both the mobiles are extremely eye-catching and attractive with the amazing features. If you are looking to buy any one of these two, it is one of the hardest decisions to choose from.

Product Information

Samsung I9305 Galaxy S III is another enhanced and most advanced smartphone equipped with the best and latest technology by world famous technological experts Samsung. Samsung I9305 Galaxy S III is the backed by the most powerful and newest technology in the world of smartphones. It has captured a big number of consumers in the global market. It is running as the newest Android Jelly bean v4.1 with latest 4GLTE.



Samsung I9305 Galaxy S III is based on the most amazing and advanced technology Android Jelly bean version 4.1 with the support of 4GLTE. Samsung I9305 Galaxy S III is powered by the latest Exynos 4412 Quad-core technology with the processing speed of 1.4GHz based on Cortex-A9 CPU technology. This model of Samsung galaxy series features 2 GB of RAM (Randomly accessible memory). The phone also features 4.8 inches display screen Super AMOLED screen with 720 by 1280 advanced resolution. Samsung I9305 Galaxy S III comes with the amazing 8 mega pixels digital camera with the latest autofocus technology. Moreover it includes LED flash, S-Voice, Smart Stay, NFC, All Share Play & Cast and Pop-up play.


Unique Features of Samsung I9305 Galaxy S III

With the amazing 4.6 inches Super AMODLED Screen Samsung I9305 Galaxy S III’s screen looks so beautiful, sleek and stylish, but the S3 fits excellently in the soft palms of your hands. With the “Smart Stay” technology the phone smartly tracks your eyes, so as long as you are looking at the S3, the screen display will not get dim or turn off. Another incredible feature of “Direct Call” allows you to call automatically. If you are viewing a contact, there is no need to hit the call, you just simply hold the S3 up to your face and that contact will be automatically dialed by the Samsung Galaxy S3. With the feature of “Smart Alert” Samsung’s enhanced notification center will automatically inform you that what has happened since last time you looked at your Samsung Galaxy S3 in order of importance. With the feature of “Burst Shot & Best Photo” the Samsung Galaxy S3’s 8 mega pixels camera allows you a feature of 20-shot burst mode and it will automatically choose the accurate picture for you.


With the help of S3 you can also snap any kind of picture while you are recording a video. “Face Zoom & Slide Show” is a different improved function that tape a face to zoom in and intelligent slide show technology zoom in on your face when you have a group shot and you want to see your face highlighted. With the function of “Social Network and Camera Integration” your S3 will identify automatically your buddies in photos, also tags them and amazingly enables you the choice to send those pictures to your friends with the feature of Buddy Share.


Reason to Capture Global Market

The reason to capture the global market is that Samsung I9305 Galaxy S III has 16 GB storage and can be enhanced up to 64 GB via MicroSD card. Its Quad-core processor allows handling multiple programs simultaneously. With enhanced and unique features the Samsung Galaxy S3 is ruling over the global market.

When it comes to cost-effectiveness and a lightweight device – BlackBerry Curve 9320 White is sincere with your pocket in both ways. BlackBerry Curve 9320 White is an affordable smart phone that can be easily purchased by an average and middleclass man. It is not only a cost-effective device but it is also very lightweight with the weight of 103 g. BlackBerry Curve 9320 White supports the features of 3G and 2G networks and a Mini-SIM is used in this device.


BlackBerry Curve 9320 White was officially announced and released by the BlackBerry Corporation in the month of May, 2012. This device is totally backed by white color and highly appreciated in the eyes of those smart phone users who like to use a white colored smart device. BlackBerry Curve 9320 White comes with the beautiful dimensions of 4.29 x 2.36 x 0.5 in. Curve 9320 has attained so much popularity among the BlackBerry users because of is cost-effectiveness and slim design. White color of Curve 9320 makes it more appealing and unique.


There are millions of smart phone users in the world who don’t like to use a touch screen mobile but like to use a smart phone – so, it is good news for them that BlackBerry Curve 9320 White is not a touch screen phone. BlackBerry Curve 9320 White comes with a QWERTY keyboard that makes chatting and mailing a fun experience. Many people don’t feel comfortable typing in the touch screen smart phone, so Curve 9320 White fulfill their typing needs.


Total size of BlackBerry Curve 9320 White’s screen is 2.44 inches and it supports the video resolution of up to 320 x 240 pixels at the good rate of 164 ppi pixel density. Unfortunately, Curve 9320 is lacking the most enhanced feature of 16 million natural color display – it supports the TFT, 56k color screen. BlackBerry Curve 9320 White has a Touch-sensitive optical track pad and scrolling with this device is a real fun experience.


Considering to the hardware, the BlackBerry Corporation has used its own operating system technology name BlackBerry OS v7.1. The RAM of BlackBerry Curve 9320 White is 512 MB and ROM is also coming with the same memory. A micro-SD card slot is part of BlackBerry Curve 9320 White and we can use a Micro-SD card of 32 GB in this device. Curve 9320 comes with the 3.2 megapixels camera and LED flash.


Bluetooth’s v2.1 with A2DP is used in Curve 9320 White for fast data transfer. Wi-Fi 802.11 is also used for the internet connectivity in the Curve 9320. You can easily connect to the internet by using the Wi-Fi feature of Curve 9320. This gadget also has a Stereo FM Radio for contacting with the local Radio stations. Unfortunately, Curve 9320 is lacking the feature of JAVA in it.

We can see that many other brands like Nokia are using the same technology of QWERTY keyboard in their smart phone devices – but real credit goes to the BlackBerry Corporation for successfully introducing the QWERTY devices like BlackBerry Curve 9320 White.

It is a great news for the lovers of windows mobiles that a brand new HTC Windows Phone 8S produced by HTC Corporation is in the market now. It is windows based phone and comes with the latest features that any windows phone lover can ever expect. HTC Windows Phone 8S is a sleek, slim, stylish and beautifully designed smart phone with the awesome dimensions of 120.5 x 63 x 10.3 mm. It is highly appreciated in the women because of its amazing color variety. HTC Windows Phone 8S comes in the beautiful and attractive varieties of colors including Fiesta Red, Domino, Atlantic Blue and High-Rise Gray. So, if you are looking for a smartphone that is attractive, HTC Windows Phone 8S can be the best choice you can opt for.


HTC Windows Phone 8S was officially announced by HTC Corporation in the month of September, 2012. Later on company decided to release this phone in the next month and it was released in the month of October 2012. HTC Windows Phone 8S supports 3G and 2g networks. A Micro-SIM is used in this gadget.


When it comes to design and style, the HTC Windows Phone 8S does not come with the unique style, body and design. It is similar to the family of Nokia Lumia series that is why it is not much appreciated in the eyes of tech lovers. But its overall look is extremely stylish and attractive. The total weight of the HTC Windows Phone 8S is also very light. The weight of HTC 8S is 113 g, which is very easy to carry and one can easily keep it in the purse or pocket.


It’s sleek, slim, stylish and beautiful body is protected by the most enhanced technology of “Corning Gorilla Glass” which keeps it safe from getting scratches and irritations. It has an S-LCD Capacitive Touch Screen which supports the 16 million natural colors. HTC Windows Phone 8S also supports Multi-touch feature, so touching experience is really great with this device.


HTC Windows Phone 8S is based on the technology of Windows 8 and comes with the latest enhancements of processor. Chipset used in HTC 8S is Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 and the processor is Dual-core 1 GHz Krait. It also supports the latest technology of GPU Adreno 305. The sensors of HTC 8S are typical and it comes with Accelerometer, proximity.

The 5 mega pixels camera of HTC Windows Phone 8S is highly appreciated in the eyes of tech lovers. 5 mega pixels camera HTC 8S comes with the latest enhanced features of Geo-tagging, touch focus, face detection. You can easily capture beautiful moments of your life in HD quality camera. It also supports the HD quality video options and it can support the video quality of 720pixels at the rate of 30 frames per second.


You will be shocked to hear that HTC Windows Phone 8S is lacking the advanced features of JAVA and FM radio. So if you are thinking of buying this device, keep this point in your mind.  Overall, this phone is a really appreciated device in the eyes of smartphone users and it is a great gadget for business person.

The HTC One technology – that also contains HTC One X and HTC One S – seems amazing and the HTC One V offers a gun steel dull body with the acquainted HTC variety (for those that remember the HTC Hero) at the end of the smart phone which nicely guides your fingertips to the Android operating system control buttons. At 115 g, it is 25 g less heavy than an iPhone 4S but seems durable. The rubberized board on the back nicely falls to expose the SIM and Micro-SD card slot and works remarkably, feeling strong and protected.


The photographic camera lens is enclosed by the same rubberized covering which defends the lens and display when placed on a smooth working surface. The 3.7-inches LCD screen rests above some distinct collections on the uni-body style and is Gorilla Cup covered. The HTC One V controls to avoid finger prints from all perspectives too and seems like an authentic step-up in construction from the Nokia-Lumia 710. The elements feel top quality rather than price range and the lack of any bright nasty guarantees that the traditional style seems amazing when the HTC One V is raised out of the box.


The 3.7-inches LCD display functions a 480×800 quality and a 252-ppi and that is not at the high-end of smart phone tech, related the Nokia-Lumia 710 pixel for pixel, but it is stunning and performs well at all perspectives, missing meaning only in the most complicated of websites. Significantly, towards price range competitors like the unique new Samsung-Galaxy-Ace with a 165ppi-display, it provides a much better watching encounter. Experts discovered the touch controlling system regular, missing the immediate reaction times of high-end mobile phones like iPhone 4S and New Samsung-Galaxy SII.



Inside, there happens to be 1 GHZ MSM-8255 Snapdragon processer that keeps most projects operating at a good speed-rate, only putting a hold on for thought when we flicked between applications quickly though that is to be predicted with 512 MB RAM rather than the 1 GB RAM of the HTC One S.

The 5 MP photographic camera generates regular results in low light but is fast and works well for 720p video clip. The primary photographic camera manages are on-screen rather than strong control buttons on the body of the HTC One V but the Instagram-style capturing ways are an awesome touch and it is easy to capture and publish at speed for Facebook or MySpace and Tweets lovers.


The 1500 mAh power battery provided almost two days of juice with e-mails on force and a few hours of off-line Spotify hearing. It is not detachable, with the small back board making space for SIM and Micro-SD card only.

Experts watched Loss of life Move and did not see any slowly down although though experts did wish for a larger display for the cost competition paths. A fast game of Upset Wildlife worked out much better on the 3.7-inches display.

If you are an enthusiastic Spotify user after an affordable Android operating system smart phone which will not humiliate you in the style levels, HTC One V is what you’re looking for.