Dress CodeShould schools establish dress codes?

Many students and parents discuss that should schools establish dress codes? There is a group of people who think that establishing the dress codes is a stupid thing. On the other hand these dress codes offer us the ultimate solution of many problems. Should schools establish dress codes?  It is a big question that always occupies the student’s mind. Students think that how can establishing the dress code help them? That is why some important advantages are mentioned here which will guide us that should schools establish dress codes?



Establishing the dress codes help us to obtain maximum respect from the teachers, parents and society. Teachers appreciate the behavior and appearance of their students they see in the class room.


Your credibility in the class room starts with your appearance and you should strive to be a good role model for your class teachers and other students of your school. If a student choses to disobey the dress code rule he may lose his respect in the teachers and his class fellows.

Source of identity:

A uniform is always considered as a source of personal identity. The school uniform is always taken as a mark of inclusion for those students who use to come to school to achieve their goals. Different uniform for different schools represent a unique identity of students of different schools.


If there is no dress coding in the school, then students are free to wear anything they like. The teenage girls belonging to rich families may wear expensive dresses or miniskirts which will lead the male students to sexually molest them. So dress codes prevent sex activities in the schools. 

Prevention of School Bunks:

The dress codes help in preventing the school bunks. Because a student in the uniform can be easily identify.

Cost reduction:

It is a universal fact that all the parents are not so rich that they afford many dresses for their children to wear in school. Uniforms are less expensive and even middle class parents can afford a uniform for their child.


So, if you are having a discussion on the topic of should schools establish dress codes? You can simply quote the above mentioned points to prove your voice.